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In order for Delta.thesis to offer the best possible services to its clients, we have created the following fields

Development of Retail Networks

The contribution of DTH in this field commences from the analysis and the understanding of the particularities of the specialised business activities of the client. Based on that, the first step is to conduct the strategic planning, whereas the next step is to conduct the market research.

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Development of Shopping Malls

Since the "entrance" of malls and big shopping centres in the Greek market, DTH is co operating and continues to co operate with most of them as follows, Αthens Metro Mall, The Mall Athens, Golden Hall, Athens Heart, Mediterranean Cosmos, Pantheon Plaza, Skopje City Mall, The Mall of Cyprus, Kings Avenue Mall, Athienitis Group Nicosia Mall - (under construction).

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Real Estate Services

Upon undertaking the promotion of a property, aiming in sale or tenancy, we firstly investigate the local real estate market and then we proceed to the drafting of an evaluation of its commercial or hiring value respectively.

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Property Managment

Now DTH, is “Your Eyes” in your property in Greece. Our tailored approach ensures that you have the most intensive, professional management available wherever you are. 

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Negotiating and Advisory Services

The negotiating and advisory services we are offering in a market, which is constantly evolving and changing, are of grate importance and significance.

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Evaluations of Properties

Εvery serious and professional approach to any kind of property should start from the proper evaluation.

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